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Years of experience allow us to give the correct tax advice using all available deductions in the Income Tax Act. We listen to our clients and customize tax solutions to suit your needs. We are current with the newest changes and tax regulations.

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Personal Income Tax Returns

We Can Help You File Your Personal Income Tax Return We understand that filing personal income tax returns can be somewhat overwhelming, especially due...

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Small Business Accounting Services

Choose The Right Small Business Accountant Do I need an Account for my Small Business? YES. Small business constitutes a very important segment of...

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Corporate Tax Returns

Hamilton’s Corporate Tax Accountant Large or small corporations, the size of your business does not matter. At BP Tax,  we will assist you with your corporate...

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From The Blog

Canadian Tax Loopholes

October 10, 2017

Starting Oct 16th 2017, the Federal Government declared they were reducing small business tax rates and, stepping away from their proposal to limit access to...

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Changes to Reporting GST/HST Revenue

October 10, 2017

Changes to the GST HST Return. May 16, 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) changed the way businesses report income information on line 101...

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How to Save Tax in Canada

March 3, 2017

It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to scrutinize tax returns for missed deductions and credits. Personal income tax returns are based on the following logic–...

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Revenue Canada Reporting of a Principal Residence

November 11, 2016

Until now sellers of a principal or main residence, had been able to do has they saw fit (when it came to selling and moving). There...

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Whether you need personal or small business taxes, we KNOW what you need! Contact us