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Personal & Corporate Tax Services

Free Initial Consultations for all new clients


You need someone on your side. With more than 20 years of financial and tax planning experience, many of our clients have saved thousands by getting the answers they need in only one 30 minute session.

  • Tax advice and insights
  • Practical recommendations
  • Organize your paperwork effectively using our worksheets


You, as an individual, have life events that may change your tax return over time. Let us make sure you get everything you are entitled to. We have designed numerous worksheets and tax tip sheets for you. Please check out our downloads.


Ever increasing rules and tax changes can take your focus away from running your business.
Allow BP Tax to do what they do best and help you save taxes.


As your business grows, your tax planning requirements change. When the
time is right, we will advise you to incorporate and show how this structure
will save you taxes.

Canada Revenue Agency Enquiries

Getting a letter from CRA may be a bit nerve racking, but fear not!
BP Tax manages all CRA inquiries. This is a free service for
existing clients that supports BP Tax’s intention to be a full service
office for all your tax service needs.

Whether you need personal or small business taxes, we KNOW what you need! Contact us