About Us

Adrianne Towle, Office Manager

“Good morning, Brian Petersen’s tax, accounting, and investment office!”

Adrianne is the first point of contact for every client. Her friendly attitude ensures that you will be welcomed into the practice and your questions will be handled with tact and a sense of urgency. Adrianne’s stellar customer service provides you with the answers you need when you need them.

Her most valuable strength is her great organizational skills. As office manager, she takes great pride in handling every client file from start to finish. If she calls you by name after an entire year, it’s because she remembers you!

At BP Tax, you’re not just a number. Adrianne’s professional demeanor results in supporting an office environment that runs smoothly as she is the gate keeper for co-coordinating all appointments.Often times, clients have a sense of urgency and are a little panicked about requests from Canada Revenue Agency. Adrianne remains calm because she believes clients need to feel that they’ve been heard and understood before advising them on what actions will be taken next.Adrianne’s outstanding people skills gives BP Group Inc. the strategic advantage. Excellent tax advice along with excellent customer service.

Whether you need personal or small business taxes, we KNOW what you need! Contact us