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Do I need an Account for my Small Business? YES.

Small business constitutes a very important segment of the Canadian economy.  Our practice is perfectly suited to assist small business owners with the tax advice they need to minimize their tax burden.

Not only do we provide expert tax preparation services, we can provide advice and assistance in the setup of the bookkeeping, filing systems and critical documentation storage.  Our years of experience in working with all kinds of small business allow us to provide expert advice when it comes to monitoring and reviewing your finances.  This way you can check in on your history and plan for your future.  It doesn’t matter whether your business is in the concept stage, brand new, growing, or well-established.  We can help.

Our services take on the kinds of tasks business owners often don’t have the time, staff or wherewithal to do themselves.  It comes down to how your time is best spent.  In most cases the answer is and should be to grow the business.  Effective and strong management allows for the delegation of tasks to those best able to do them.  When it comes to accounting – this is where we come in.

We offer a comprehensive list of services for small business:

  • Tax advice and filing
  • Identifying key business metrics
  • Recommending legal structures
  • Managing payroll
  • Balancing ratios of employee payments with total revenues
  • Generating financial forecasts
  • Advice on buying and selling businesses
  • Evaluating decisions related to a franchise

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