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Choose The Right Small Business Accountant

Do I need an Account for my Small Business?

Always consider what is the best use of your time! Strong business owners delegate their financial affairs from the start to the experts – ensuring themselves peace of mind and time to generate extra revenue

Depending on their stage of growth, many businesses do not need full-time accountants and consequently from BPtaxs tailored packages which are priced to suit.

Get the right small business accountant – BPTax

Overall BPtax is happy to assist new, growing and established small businesses when it comes to:

  • Government Interactions
  • Completing and filing legal and compliance documents
  • Record Maintenance (of personnel, organize & record stock/share allocations)
  • Applying for Business Loans and Overdraft

Not to mention helping New Businesses get started by:

  • Identifying their key business metrics
  • Recommending Legal Structures
  • Managing Payroll
  • Balancing ratios of employee payments with total revenues
  • Generating Financial Forecasts
  • Tax Advice and Filing

Growing Business also benefit while making decisions about :

  • Buying and Selling Businesses
  • Evaluating decisions related to a Franchise

BPTax accounting software helps simplify this complex, very time-consuming process while sharing all information so you maintain complete control over your investments.

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