Does My Small Business Really Need An Accountant?

To put it simply, no, you don’t necessarily need an accountant, then again you also don’t need to get a drivers license, and yet a whopping 71% of Canadians choose to get one. It’s a matter of convenience, it’s simple and doesn’t require too much thought.

For example let’s say you’re going somewhere, maybe from Hamilton to Toronto, you would have to check the bus/train/subway schedule and make sure you arrive early enough not to miss it. On the other hand, you could just hop in your car and drive on your own time, not having to wait on public transit and their possible delays in service.

While hiring an accountant isn’t the exact same scenario as obtaining a license and driving a car, you can appreciate the simplicity factor we’re trying to get across by having an accountant manage your small business financial books. Rather than gathering all of your company’s receipts and going through them one by one and then worrying about the software and how to e-file, you can simply have an accountant maintain your books all year round and they’ll take care of the filing for you.

Our services prevent the headaches before the start, so give us a call and let us help!

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