Tax Tips

Changes to Reporting GST/HST Revenue

Changes to the GST HST Return. May 16, 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) changed the way businesses report income information on line 101 of the GST34-3 Goods and...[...]

How to Save Tax in Canada

It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to scrutinize tax returns for missed deductions and credits. Personal income tax returns are based on the following logic– the total income from all...[...]

UBER Drivers and Taxes

Overall, UBER drivers are effectively independent contractors or self-employed, and therefore must self-report their taxes.    Steps drivers need to be aware of include: filling out T2125 uber tax...[...]

Taxes – For Better or For Worse

With the arrival of spring one would think that our thoughts would turn to love. Nice but they must also turn to taxes and tax returns for the previous...[...]

Tax Credits for Canadians

With tax season upon us it’s important for taxpaying Canadians to round up all paperwork that deals with their personal tax returns and submit it to their tax preparation...[...]

Child Tax Credits and Deductions

Note: The children’s fitness tax credit, including the supplement for children with disabilities, has been eliminated for 2017 and later tax years as explained this CRA post. The Updated Canada...[...]

Tax Cuts and Credits for Seniors

Every once in a while a bit of clarification is in order. In this blog we will look at a couple of urban myths out there when it comes to...[...]

Important Information For Your 2014 Returns

With the 2014 tax season well underway, it is important to highlight these 6 important changes that could affect your file. Family Tax Cut Credit a new non-refundable tax...[...]

Turn Your Savings Into More Savings

Canadian motorists across the country are commuting with smiles on their face as gasoline prices help put a break on their pocketbooks and there’s more good news: prices are...[...]

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