Canadian Tax Loopholes

Starting Oct 16th 2017, the Federal Government declared they were reducing small business tax rates and, stepping away from their proposal to limit access to lifetime capital gains exemption – one...[...]

Old Age Security Pension

As our population ages, the whole issue of applying and qualifying for government pensions becomes a priority for a lot of people. In this blog, we will deal with...[...]

Tax Credits for Canadians

With tax season upon us it’s important for taxpaying Canadians to round up all paperwork that deals with their personal tax returns and submit it to their tax preparation...[...]

Why Use a Bookkeeper

Many business owners, especially new ones, make the mistake of trying to do the books themselves or passing it on to someone who is less than qualified or trained...[...]

How to Beat Seasonal Overspending

While the holidays are a great time of festive fun and seasonal spirit, it can also be a time of financial faults and stressful spending. Studies show the average...[...]

Tax Cuts and Credits for Seniors

Every once in a while a bit of clarification is in order. In this blog we will look at a couple of urban myths out there when it comes to...[...]

Turn Your Savings Into More Savings

Canadian motorists across the country are commuting with smiles on their face as gasoline prices help put a break on their pocketbooks and there’s more good news: prices are...[...]

Family Tax Cuts and Benefits for Families

Note to Readers:  For 2014 and subsequent years, Budget 2015 introduces a change to the calculation of the Family Tax Cut to allow the unused tuition, textbook and education...[...]

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