Old Age Security Pension

As our population ages, the whole issue of applying and qualifying for government pensions becomes a priority for a lot of people. In this blog, we will deal with...[...]

Tax Credits for Canadians

With tax season upon us it’s important for taxpaying Canadians to round up all paperwork that deals with their personal tax returns and submit it to their tax preparation...[...]

Why Use a Bookkeeper

Many business owners, especially new ones, make the mistake of trying to do the books themselves or passing it on to someone who is less than qualified or trained...[...]

Accounting in the Internet Age

The development and proliferation of computers started the process of changing accounting from a purely paper-based service to an electronic one. The refining of accounting programs made the whole...[...]

It Pays To Keep Your Kids Healthy!

Notice to Reader:  According to the CRA  and Budget 2016, the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit, also known as children’s fitness and arts tax credits – mentioned in this post has been phased out....[...]

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