CRA Medical Expenses Guide

Every individual or corporation classified as a Canadian tax resident under the Income Tax Act is required by the Canadian Revenue Authority (CRA) to file a tax return by...[...]

COVID-19 Update

Please note that our office is open by appointment only – please call Adrianne at 905-648-8656 to book an appointment. However, we are able to complete your tax returns...[...]

Canadian Tax Loopholes

Starting Oct 16th 2017, the Federal Government declared they were reducing small business tax rates and, stepping away from their proposal to limit access to lifetime capital gains exemption – one...[...]

How to Save Tax in Canada

It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to scrutinize tax returns for missed deductions and credits. Personal income tax returns are based on the following logic– the total income from all...[...]

Old Age Security Pension

As our population ages, the whole issue of applying and qualifying for government pensions becomes a priority for a lot of people. In this blog, we will deal with...[...]

UBER Drivers and Taxes

Overall, UBER drivers are effectively independent contractors or self-employed, and therefore must self-report their taxes.    Steps drivers need to be aware of include: filling out T2125 uber tax...[...]

Taxes – For Better or For Worse

With the arrival of spring one would think that our thoughts would turn to love. Nice but they must also turn to taxes and tax returns for the previous...[...]

Tax Credits for Canadians

With tax season upon us it’s important for taxpaying Canadians to round up all paperwork that deals with their personal tax returns and submit it to their tax preparation...[...]

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